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D Mind & the Prince is a bespoke learning system designed by D Mind Education for children from birth to 6 years old. Its three components – Home Learning Package, Activities and Courses, and Cultural Experience – provide and create unique learning experiences for young children. Compared with other learning materials, D&P's unique deep learning method can stimulate children's learning motivation and enhance their learning memory. In addition, the language teaching materials in the market generally leave the responsibility of guidance to parents, and D&P can build their personal growth and learning progress for children through its unique intelligent AI Pen and professional consultation, so that parents can absolutely feel at ease to hand over their children's learning to our professional team.

The D Mind & the Prince English learning programme includes the English home learning system as the core teaching materials, the extended parent-child activities and courses, cultural experience activities, together with other membership services. All these components are designed to match with each other to provide a rich and solid learning environment to children. The D&P home learning system includes more than 160 components, which is rich in content and can be used flexibly according to the theme, bringing the effect of deep learning to children. Core series include: Play with Me, Explore with Me, Sing with Me, Picture Books, Growth with Me, Small Talk, Solve with Me, Phonics Set, AI Pen, Words Cards and Posters, etc. In order to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the D&P learning system, we do not recommend purchasing components separately.

It is suggested that parents can clean the products in a general way, but the products with electronic devices should not immerse in water.

D Mind & the Prince English learning system is designed for young children aged 0-6. When a 6-year-old uses the D&P learning system, he will be exposed to the grammar and sentence patterns taught in the fourth grade of primary school in a local school. Our system is also the only learning system that can teach real life English (as opposed to academic or exam oriented English), such as "eye dirt", "tucking the edge of your shirt into your pants". Children who use D&P will grow up like native English speaking children, and be able to communicate freely with native English / American speakers in real life. In addition, D Mind & the Prince takes the lead in introducing four new era concepts of “Global Citizenship”, “Be Green”, “Digital Natives” and “Life Skills” to help young children learn authentic English well, and at the same time cultivate the qualities and abilities needed in the global competitive environment of the 21st century and learn different life skills.

Parents will receive a parent's manual with the English learning system, which details how to use each book and learning material. If you have any queries, you can call the after-sales service hotline: 6133 6723. We also hold regular workshops on the use of members' parents every month, parents are welcome to attend.

For product replacement, please call the D Mind & the Prince customer service hotline on 6133 6723.

In the global environment, children need to face the competition from all over the world in the future, and have the ability to communicate with people from different countries. Learning British English or American English alone is not enough. Therefore, D Mind & the Prince not only teaches children authentic and practical life English, but also teaches common American English. In addition, in the process of learning, children develop good language communication skills, help them broaden their horizons, understand the world, and equip themselves to become global citizens.

The intelligent AI pen can be connected to wifi. Through the sound files, songs, rhythms and special sound effects in the AI pen, all the printed materials (including books, vocabulary flashcards and posters) in the D&P book set can give full play to the learning effect. In addition, the learning system first uses AI technology to record the data of children's use of teaching materials, and then analyzes children's learning progress and provides learning suggestions for parents through D&P application.

Parents can order at the following locations:

1. K11 MUSEA (B243-244AB, Level B2, K11 MUSEA, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui)

2. D Park (Donut Village, Level 1, D Park, 398 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan)

3. D Mind & the Prince Sales Centre (Unit B, 20/F, Roxy Industrial Centre, 41-49 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung)