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An immersive learning journey through
‘Home’, ‘Activities and Courses’ and ‘Cultural Experience’

D Mind & the Prince is a bespoke learning programme designed by D Mind Education for children from birth to 6 years old. Its three components – Home Learning Package, Activities and Courses and Cultural Experience – provide and create unique learning experiences for young children.

The programme integrates English language acquisition and personal growth in every possible way by covering global citizenship, moral and value education, critical thinking, art appreciation, and essential life and social skills.

Brain Development and Language Acquisition

The first few years of life is the golden period for language acquisition. A child’s brain develops at an amazing speed. 75% of the brain is formed by the age of 2, 80% by 3 and 90% by 5. Parents should therefore plan ahead on how they will expose their children to English, and how to systematically help their babies or infants acquire a language, or languages, during this golden period.