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Vera Popova
Vera Popova
Vera Popova is an illustrator living in Moscow, Russia.

As far back as she can remember, she has always dreamt of being an artist. She began to draw when she was about three years old. She drew everywhere, all the time, and used anything as a canvas. Her passion led her to study at the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum. Though she started out with traditional art, she eventually realized that children’s illustrations are what she really wanted to do.
Vera creates her own books and illustrates books for others, using a mixture of both traditional and digital media. When she is not drawing, you can find her riding a bike or reading books. She also enjoys travelling, especially to places she has never been to before.

The most inspiring things for Vera are getting to know new people and their stories, as they can become a source of inspiration for the works she creates.

Above all, she wants to share her inner world and inspiration with the people who enjoy her books and illustrations.